NVMe and dedicated CPU cores

Performance is a top priority for us. Our compute VMs comes with local storage based on blazing-fast NVMe SSDs in RAID10 for top-notch performance and reliability. The CPU resources assigned to each VM are dedicated which means the performance is always available when you need it. Fewer neighbors per node also results in increased reliability and uptime.

Control Panel

We have developed (and continue to improve) our in-house control panel, code named Falcon. Falcon is your command center for all your servers with us. It is where you can create new servers, perform administrative functions on them (including but not limited to upgrading your servers, see your server details, reinstallations, mounting an ISO and so on). This is also where you can get in contact with our support and see your invoices.

Upload your own ISO

We offer the option to upload your own ISO through our control panel on any of our KVM-powered servers. This is especially helpful when you want to install an OS with custom partitioning, or an OS that we do not provide in our pre-made templates.

This is also very useful if you need to mount a special recovery ISO to troubleshoot issues with your server.

Announce IP space

You can announce your own IP space with us, which will then be routed to your server(s). This may cost a small fee depending on your account standing with us. This is available on all of our services and locations.

We will need a valid LoA (letter of authorization) from the owner of the IP space.

Please contact us for more details.


Our datacenters are the heart of our operation. This is where our cloud lives. We operate out of 14 global locations, and all of them are hand picked after very thorough research. We only choose well-reputable datacenters housing a large number of premium networks and global internet exchanges.

Location Datacenter Looking Glass Test Files
Amsterdam Equinix AM5 lg.ams 100MB 1000MB
Chicago Digital Realty lg.chi 100MB 1000MB
Hong Kong Equinix HK2 lg.hkg 100MB 1000MB
London Digital Realty Meridian Gate lg.lon 100MB 1000MB
Los Angeles Psychz Networks lg.lax 100MB 1000MB
Madrid Interxion lg.mad 100MB 1000MB
Milan Seeweb lg.mil 100MB 1000MB
New York Equinix NY2 lg.ny 100MB 1000MB
Oslo IP-Only Norway lg.osl 100MB 1000MB
Stockholm GleSYS Stockholm lg.sto 100MB 1000MB
Sydney Equinix SY2 lg.syd 100MB 1000MB
Vienna Interxion lg.vie 100MB 1000MB
Warsaw Equinix WA2 lg.waw 100MB 1000MB
Zurich Interxion lg.zrh 100MB 1000MB

Internal Networking

All of our KVM-powered servers come with private networking, which can be used to connect to your other servers in the same location privately, away from the public internet. Our 10 GbE private network has jumbo frames enabled for the best performance. You can find your private IP address listed in the control panel.

One popular use-case of this is combining our extremely performant NVMe based servers with our high storage capacity servers, allowing for seamless communication between the two.